Horntones FX-550
The Horntones system is a three part system. First, you have our Player that fits on, in or under your dashboard. Second you have our audio amplifier and third you have one of our rugged, weatherproof speakers under your hood.
The Horntones player is a "Plug and Play" device with 36 pre-installed Horntones. Additional tones are available here on our site. You can also create your own tones using any audio software that allows you to create MP3 files. Tone updates are downloaded directly from the horntones.com website and are transferred to your horntone player using a common USB thumb drive. You never need to remove the player from your vehicle... The possiblities are endless...

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FX-550 Users Guide
The latest FX-550 Users Guide can be found here. Note: Adobe Reader is required.
FX-550 Frequently Asked Questions
The latest answers to Frequently Asked Questions abot the FX-550 can be found here. Note: Adobe Reader is required.
FX-550 Latest Firmware
The latest firmware version for the FX-550 is 0.9.25. To check your FX-550 firmware version, navigate your FX-550 to "settings" and select "Version".
FX-550 Volume
To make sure your FX-550 is setup for maximum volume, check the Gain knob on your AP-150 amplifier and make sure it is turned up. Also, when a tone is playing, turning the FX-550 knob will ajust the volume as well. Note: The FX-550 remembers the volume setting for each tone. If you turn the volume down while a tone is playing, the next time you play that tone it will begin playing at the lower volume.

Just Released... Biketones!

Biketones is the orignial MP3 enabled Bicycle horn. Biketones are designed with state of the art audio technology. The speaker’s molybdenum magnet and its precise wound voice coil enables it to produce sounds up to 80db at 50cm… that’s loud! Click Here for more information.